Craniosacral Therapy

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Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy  | Kathleen Cheek, Certified Rolfer, RCST - San Rafael, CA

Over a century ago, Dr. William Sutherland discovered that bodily tissues “breathe,” creating a subtle rhythm detectable to sensitive hands. By listening to the rhythms of the body, an experienced Craniosacral Therapist can help to access the body’s healing abilities. This can lead to an improvement of the mind, body and spirit.

Dr. Sutherland’s work demonstrated that the body is an interconnected system; the motion of cranial bones is intricately connected to the motion of the body’s tissues and fluids. He identified three distinct rhythms within this system: the cranial rhythmic impulse, the mid-tide, and the long tide. By understanding these rhythms, internal balance can be restored and health can be improved.

With help from Kathleen Cheek, Certified Rolfer™, RCST®, you can regain a sense of wellbeing through Craniosacral Therapy. Servicing the entire San Rafael, CA area, we can use this method to calm your nervous system, improve your capacity to integrate change and increase your creativity. There are many benefits to this method of therapy. They include:

• Invigorated nervous system
• Soothed tissues
• Enhanced immune response
• Physical rebalancing
• Increased creativity
• It can alleviate headaches, chronic fatigue, and temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders

Over the course of our day-to-day lives, our bodies become accustomed to certain patterns and behaviors. Through Craniosacral Therapy, we can release the sites of inertia locked within your body. This will restore the rhythms of your body and pave the way towards improved health.

When you come to Kathleen Cheek, Certified Rolfer™, RCST® for Craniosacral Therapy, we will help you to resolve sites of inertia and congestion. We can teach your body how to better heal itself through this non-invasive approach.

If you believe your body could benefit from Craniosacral Therapy, contact us now to schedule your first appointment!

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